Compromising Our Values and Identities

Now, a happening is happening in society. No one is talking about it. The truth is, no one appears to be concerned about it in any way. But, the fact remains. In the 1950’s and earlier, it used to cause a pregnant unwed young woman and her family shame that was such that she’d go away to possess the infant in private before returning with or with no infant. Today, young women walk around showing their fat guts holding the hands of their lovers upon their faces with no signals of distress or guilt. Some young men as well as girls are still intending to become parents until they become partners. Call me old fashioned, but this is simply farcical.

Have we forgotten about merits and our worth, or have we simply handily thrown them away? No one’s sure how it began, but women and men in The United States have begun to undermine their values and merits. It really used to be that a young woman was commended for staying chaste until she was wed. Now, for not losing their virginities earlier society laughs at mocks, and scolds such young women. We also began undermining our identities too when we began to undermine our values. A lot of folks in the current society go along to get along without forming views of their own and follow the bandwagon. What would occur if they did not? America as a society compromises too much, and I am tired of it.

It is time that America quit began possessing our individualities, compromising, and carrying on ourselves to particular standard of conduct and lifestyle. I have just undermined my individuality and values a number of times in my personal entire life, and those times were enough for me to learn not to do it. Those experiences helped me learn to never lose myself in search of somebody, relationship, or friendship, and to hold onto my worth regardless of what. Undermining values and your individuality for others consistently leads to negative emotions, and will not be worth it in the end. I made a decision quite a while past involving compromise. I’ve decided to remain true to myself, and seen it debilitating effects on society. I have made a decision to honor individuality, beliefs, principles, morals, and my convictions regardless of how different they’re from the remainder of society’s. I do, if just the remainder of America felt the same way.