Dental Bonding: cosmetic filling or dental amalgam

Teeth filling is something for which all of us would have visited our dentist at some point in time in our lives. Dental bonding is usually considered to repairing the decayed tooth, or reconstruct a damaged, a cracked tooth and for filling in the gap or cover the exposed portion of the tooth root. The most commonly used bonding technique is silver amalgam filling. It has been for ages used as a filling by most of the dentists. With the looks consciousness increasing in people day by day, an aesthetically better option was invented which is called resin-based composite filling. If you are looking for the best dental clinic to get your filling work done, please visit Gateshead Dental in Hamilton. They have best dental experts onboard offering specialized dental health services. To explore other options closer to your house, you can explore the list of renowned dental clinics area wise published in

Let us first understand what dental amalgam filling is and what is composite filling. The silver filling is a mixture of mercury, silver, copper, and tin. Mercury works as a catalyst to combine all the metals into a strong and durable substance. The dentist uses these filling because these are easy to work with and more durable. The cost of silver filling is considerably less than that of cosmetic filling.

The resin-based composite filling is the natural teeth colored substance which is a combination of acrylic resin and glass and plastic. These aesthetically natural fillings are not suitable for back teeth molars since those are rigorously used in chewing and has tremendous wear and tear.

Benefit and drawbacks of cosmetic filling are:

• They are more appealing in appearance than amalgam filling. Since it matches the teeth color, one need not be conscious about the look when they smile or open their mouth.
• The teeth enamel is preserved. No excessive drilling or grinding is required. In fact, most of such processes do not require anesthesia as well. Therefore, the teeth structure is preserved.
• Usually, the filling process is done in a single sitting, unlike other dental procedures which require multiple sittings. The material also hardens up in seconds enabling the patient to eat anything within few hours of the procedure.
• It restricts the cavity to spread into other teeth and hence helps in dental health.
• It can be reworked easily and fast. The refilling of the cavity can be done conveniently. Also, the cost of this process Is comparatively less than other dental procedures and is usually covered by medical insurance.

• You may experience tooth sensitivity post such procedure
• These composite filling are more expensive than amalgam filling.
• These fillings can discolor or stain due to exposure to tea, coffee, wine, etc. which may look weird.
• They tend to wear out faster than silver fillings and require extra care. Thus, are not suitable for molars.
• They can deteriorate due to extensive exposure to alcohol.

The general procedure of filling in composite filling involves
1. Dentist chooses the resin color which would match to your tooth color.
2. Next, the surface of the tooth is drilled to get clarity of extending of the cavity. Then a conditioning liquid is applied.
3. Now resin substance is applied to the affected area, and ultraviolet light or laser is used to harden the substance instantly.
4. Once the filling sets completely, the dentist shapes the teeth and polish it to match its sheen with that of other teeth, so that it looks as natural as possible.

Dental Makeover – More Than Just A Smile

A smile on your face changes the world around you. It is the best makeup anyone endures. Truly, a smile does wonders with your career and relationship and brings an overall health. Unfortunately, not all of us have that beautiful curves and pearly teeth like what we dream. But we are blessed to have an expert dentistry panel who is really dedicated to bringing back those beautiful smiles with utmost care. Cosmetic Dentistry emerged as a specialized field of dental health that focus on aesthetic concerns of a person.

Today, you don’t have to be a celebrity to accomplish those beautiful smiles you always wish to have. Cosmetic dentistry has become the buzzword of last decade. Traditional teething care just involves the tooth extraction and oral care alone, but the cosmetic field made makeovers on your teeth, lips and smiles too. Gates Head Dental clinic thrives on giving the world class experience with a smile makeover techniques, equipped with experienced professionals giving total teething care. Check out the modern advances in dental cosmetic techniques at

Why It Is Changing The Dental World?

Cosmetic dentistry can impart something more than a smile and confidence in you. From laser teeth whitening to gum complications, this field proved to solve the anxiety and pain associated with tooth troubles. You are no longer embarrassed to hide your stained, chipped or gaps within your mouth with the emergence of cosmetic dentistry. Above all, science proves that a good smile boosts your confidence at a gathering with friends, being called for an interview or a date with your love that highlight your looks.

The benefits of this field are plenty. The solutions for all your facial beauty aspects are covered with these techniques. Investment in this elective care worth when you leave your dental clinic happy and satisfied. Even though the treatment modalities are costly, the rewarding benefits it possesses gives an essence of life. A better smile than the previous day gives more happiness and confidence. Above all, your age is down 10 years after a mouth makeover.

Innovations Of The Century

Teeth whitening is the initial attempt of a smile makeover. The stained and yellow colored teeth are an unpleasant sight. In a single visit, you see a dramatic result in restoring the color. It can be also done within your home instructed by the dentist. But make sure you maintain healthy habits and quit smoking if you need the color to last long. Dental Veneers are actually the artificial fixtures that absolutely matches the color of your teeth. Unlike the bleaching, these will be fixed on the teeth and hides the imperfections.

Laser gum reshaping is the easiest of all. It avoids painful procedures and works by vaporizing the gum tissue instead of scrapping it. Bleeding and infection risks are nil with no recovery time needed. Dental bonding is the cheapest means of cosmetic dentistry. The minor flaws and visible gaps are filled with a resin. Cosmetic remodeling methods are innumerable in dental technology.