Some Easy Card Tricks to Learn

You can find the whole set of card tricks to practice free through any website. To start with, here are few easy card tricks, which could be learnt and practiced by everyone.

Start with a pack of cards, just have a look at the very first card, and then arrange it in an order. Now you know what the beginning card is. Now you should ask the member of the audience to stop you while flicking the card.

When they stop, you should have a glimpse look of the cards and again when you start to flick, you should face the cards in the forward direction, so that you will notice the placement and color of the cards. Stay in place and land on top of the lower portion. When the card is picked by the audience, even after shuffling, you can say the exact color and the number of the card.

The trick here is that as you have noticed the entire card’s position earlier, it is easy for you to find the card. Now again the spectator is asked to pick a card from the pack of cards arranged and as usual, you can mention the exact number of the card easily.
This is repeated several times and the order of the cards are rearranged sometimes. However, some other times the whole pack has been shuffled. In whatever order or method, the cards are placed; the cards are separated into two sections for easy identification. The cards are identified in a more tricky way so that the spectator is not notified about it. Once the method is noticed, it is continued for further times. Thus the trick of identifying the cards has been performed.